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Things to Know about your Hosting Account

When you will Create your Hosting Account you’ll be asked to buy a Domain or to enter an existent one, bought from a Domain Registrar. (Here are The Best and Cheapest Domain Registrars and a Domain Price Comparison Table)

This Domain will be your MAIN DOMAIN after the creation of your hosting account.
You will CAN NOT CHANGE or DELETE this Domain ever! if you don’t want to cancel your Hosting Account.
The other one, Parked and Add-on Domains, can be added or deleted from your CPanel.

What Are and How can you use them ?

A Parked Domain is a Domain that you can add on the CPanel Parked Domain Section.

When you get an extra Free Domain or Buy another one, you can park it on the Main Domain, under the same Hosting Account. That it means the Parked Domain it will show the same website (site 1) as the Main Domain (site1), until you’ll have an idea of what website you want to put on or maybe you’ll want to sell it…
When you’ll delete or move a parked domain it will not affect your MAIN Domain, websites.

Add-on Domain can be added on the same way, in the CPanel Add-on Domain Section.
Can be Deleted and moved to Other Hosting Provider if you want, with no fee (if it wasn’t bought from that hosting provider).
The Addon Domains are the domains where you can put another websites (site 2), different by the Main Domain Website (site1). The Add-on Hosting Feature it shows you how many website you can have on your Hosting Account. On the Add-on Domain Section you can also add Subdomains and build a website on (site 3).

Under the Email Section of Cpanel you can create you email addresses ( You can Forward that website email to another one (gmail, yahoo, msn, etc) under the CPanel-Forwarders.

If have bought your Domain name from your Hosting Provider you can transfer it to another registrar if you want to change the hosting company, to get a better price or plan. They can charge a Domain transfer fee. To avoid any problems it is better to have the eggs on two baskets, the Domain on a Domain Registrar and a Hosting Account with a Hosting company. You’ll change the hosting provider without paying Domain Transfer Free and you’ll migrate only the content of your website (your Website) to the new hosting company.

When you buy Hosting you must keep in mind that your website, blog, store will grow and you’ll need more Storage Disk Space, Bandwidth for Traffic-Visitors-Buyers, Subdomains or Add-on Domains, Databases, you’ll need to upgrade Without moving, migrate your website! (if all it’s OK with your Hosting Provider)

If you want to begin with a Starter Plan, for a low budget, you MUST look for the Upgrade Option, the MEDIUM or PRO Plan, accordingly to your needs and then decide which one is better for you.

We’ll recommend to start with a MEDIUM Plan which allows you to host multiple websites, have more email addresses, forwarders, Databases, Add-on Domains, and the most important one, MORE VISITORS-Traffic-Bandwidth.

For better upload speed on visitor browsers you Must choose an SSD Hosting Plan.

Keep your eyes open when you buy hosting on Advertised Prices!

All are only for the First Term of the purchase (1 month, 1year, 2 years, 3 years) after that you’ll be billed at the Regular Renewal Rate-Price which is higher than the advertised one.

To help you, We’ll put all that info on the Hosting Comparison Price Table below to see the difference.

We have 2 kind of Comparison Table, one with All Offered Feature with Monthly Prices, and the second one with Monthly, Annual Prices (1,2,3 years), Websites allowed, Free Domain, Free SSL.

We must inform you that almost all Hosting providers have interesting SAVINGS for Annual or Multi annual plans (one payment for 1,2,3 year) and, after that Term you’ll be billed at the REGULAR RENEWAL RATE! Usually Regular-Renewal Price Rate are Higher than Registration prices.

Below you’ll find the best SSD Recommended Hosting Providers and their Monthly Regular Renewal Prices:

Our Recommendation for SSD Shared Hosting with Unlimited Features-PRO, by Renewal Price, Monthly Plan:
-NO 1,  InterServer  , STANDARD PLAN, only $5.00/month : The Lowest Renewal Price with Unlimited All feature +FREE SSL, no FREE Domain
-NO 2, IFastNet, Ultimate Premium, only $6.99/month: The Lowest Renewal Price with Unlimited feature, Free SSL, 1 FREE Domain for Life (from: biz, us,, eu, in, pw) or $5.90/month without FREE Domain.
-NO 3, AwardSpace, MaxPackPlus, only $9.99/month: The Lowest Renewal Price with Unlimited feature and 2 FREE Domain for Life (for new sign up, upgrade plan)

Our Recommendation for Shared Hosting for  MEDIUM PLAN, by Renewal Price, Monthly Plan :
-NO 1, IFastNet, SUPER PREMIUM PLAN, only $2.99/month, without Free Domain: The Lowest Renewal Price, 20 websites, unlimited Disk Storage, 250 GB Data Transfer, 20: MySQL Databases, FTP, emails;
3.99/month with Free Domain for Life (from: biz, us, in, pw, eu)
-NO 2,  InterServer , STANDARD PLAN, only $5.00/month : The Lowest Renewal Price with Unlimited All feature +FREE SSL, no FREE Domain
-NO 3, AwardSpace, WEB PRO PLUS PLAN, only $6.19/month: The Lowest Renewal Price With Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, 10: websites, MySQL DB, 1 FREE Domain for Life 

Our Recommendation for SSD Shared Hosting for STARTER PLAN, by Renewal Price, Yearly Plan :
-NO 1, IFastNet, STARTER PLAN, only $ 1.50/month ($17.99/year), 5GB SSD Storage, 250 GB Bandwidth, 2 websites (1 Free Non Generic+1Add-on), 1 MySQL Database, 1FTP, FREE SSL
-NO 2, IFastNet, SUPER PREMIUM PLAN, only $2.99/month ($35.88/year)without Free Domain: The Lowest Renewal Price, 20 websites, Unlimited Disk Storage, 250 GB Data Transfer, 20: MySQL Databases, FTP, emails; $3.99/month with Free Domain for Life (from: biz, us, in, pw, eu)
NO 3, NameCheap, VALUE PLAN, only $3.24/month ($38.88/year), 20 GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 3 Websites, No Free Domain(the Cheapest from them at $10.87/year, ICANN included)


NOTE: These Hosting Plans are for Shared Hosting (NOT VPS or Dedicated), and we named them START, MEDIUM and PRO (NAMES will differ on every provider included herein). We are trying to keep all info up to date, prices and the offered feature on every plan.
If you have more info about any Hosting company within these Comparison Table please drop us a line in comments and we’ll do all the necessary changes.



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