Steps to Be Online


Have you ever asked yourself
-How to start your presence online, how to transfer online your business,
how to put your physical business online, how to sell your book online,
how to make a website, how to make ecommerce store, how to make eStore website,
how to make a One Page Website ?

There are MUST TO DO Stepstobeonline….. and the first one is:

1. STOP thinking at/on….  Start Doing!!!  Don’t loose your time trying…. learning the basics.

2. The second one is to Decide if you want or need a website or just a Blog and, if
you want to be The OWNER of your online presence, business or just to use somebodies else presence,
business (domain name).
Ask yourself: How many Blogs or Websites created on these FREE resources (Domain name like:,,, social networks, etc) are on the first Search Engine Page?
Right, there you’ll find TLD, top level domain like, Not Subdomains like:, or, etc.

3. The third step to be online, to create your online presence and The First Step on your website life is
Getting a Domain Name. Your domain name is your Internet address, your Business Brand,
your Name…. WHICH WILL tell YOUR story around the world.
You MUST DRIVE TRAFFIC, VISITORS to your brand not to others !!!
Don’t waste energy, time and money for others Brand, Domain Name !
The Day when you choose your Domain Name is your online Business Birthday !
Choose it wisely, to represent you and your business ! Short, memorable….
We’ll see below where can you find a better Domain Registrar, which one is the best and their prices.

4. The Fourth Step to be online is to get a Hosting, the place where you STORE ALL your website files and folders.

5.  The Website creation is your fifth Step. We’ll help you with, step by step, on this site.


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