The Best and Most Known Domain Registrars

The Best and Most Known Domain Registrars (Updated!)

Here you’ll find some of the best registrar, most known international domain registrars,
warnings on Domain name registration, Comparison Price Table for .com domain,
Their Discounts and their similar Hosting Plans if they have.

If you want to use the domain for your business we’ll recommend to buy it for a longer time period,
a minimum 3 or 5 years. Why?…. Longest periods are better ranked on Search engines like
Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckduckGo, Zapmeta, Dogpile, etc, are better for SEO scores and results,
meaning for you: traffic, visitors, clients for your domain name, website, e-store, blog.

If just trying, testing or starting up, you can buy yearly plans and than decide to upgrade to a longer term plan.

Stay close to Domain Registrar Renewal Notification !
First Renewal Notification will be sent approximately one month before domain expiry.
Second Renewal Notification will be sent approximately five days before domain expiry.
Third Notification will be sent immediately after the domain expiry.

If you need or want to keep your domain please pay for, 2-3 weeks before the expiry date !

Keep in mind that, payments are not INSTANT, they had a processing time from 2-3 days to 1 week or more,
depends on country, state, bank!

Why to stay close? Because after the expiry date you can loose your domain forever or you Must pay a Redemption/Restoration/Reactivation Fee + a bigger Renewal Domain Price and all of that only in a sole discretion of your Registrar as is written on Contract or TOS, accepted by you on first term purchases.

Domain Privacy   What domain privacy is?
That it means, when someone does a Whois lookup for your domain, your data/info like:
name, personal email address, phone number, mailing address are not shown on that search.
All that info are replaced with other info (usually domain provider privacy contact information).
This is a second Protection for your personal data, hackers will can Not find your email with “Whois Lookup”
to get it and hack your domain, hosting account info like username and password or use your hacked email
to receive the “forgotten password” using the “forget password login feature”.

Domain privacy can be purchased when registering a domain name, or it can be added later.
The price for the service is an annual fee/domain. Read to the end to see how much….

I’ll recommend to use Whois privacy for personal website, blog and or for businesses,
to use two email addresses, one for Whois data and the other for Account Registration/access/login.

Another Tip: After purchases, Don’t click the links inside the late received messages that seems to be sent
by ICCAN, your registrar (you had the original to compare with ) or some investigation agency !

If clicked by mistake, DON’T  insert your password and username on the new opened page !!!
Close all and Scan your Computer for Viruses and Malware immediately !!!

Official Registrar, ICANN, Cop or Agency will NOT ask for that info ever !!!!

Domain Lock
You must know there is a RULE of ” 60 day lock for every domain”, an ICANN mandated 60 day lock
for all new purchased domains, for domain transfer to or from other registrar.
These 60 days counting from the registration day, transfer in or out.
You can NOT ask your Registrar to disable this lock any time sooner!

If you want to change the registrar, it is better to transfer your domain within 30 days before
the expiry date! (you’ll not risk to pay another annual renewal fee, domain looseness, etc).

Within these 60 day term you can “push” your domain between your accounts (if you have more than
one with the same registrar).

 Warning on your Domain:
If you are registering for the first time a domain name, you must be aware that after the purchases
of your domain name, you MUST CONFIRM your info with your Registrar and Whois Records–an ICANN request.
You’ll find those links on your email inbox.
You have 15 days to do that or your domain will be suspended or your account with your registrar will be
deleted same as your purchased domain name.
To check if you successfully verified your contact records, Sign in with your Domain Registrar,
Go to “Domain” Tab and on the dropdown select “Contact Records” and see whether or not your gTLD
contact info are verified.

To make changes on your account info you must UNLOCK it first. Go to ‘’My Info’’ and select “Account Lock”,
than insert “Your Birthday” and click Unlock/save. Now you can do all the necessary changes on your Registrar
created Account or on Your Whois record. To make changes on Whois click the link, your “blue Name” than
change and click on “Save Contact”.
Don’t forget to Lock your Account. Stay protected !!!
These are steps for Dynadot Registrar and may differ on other registrars.

(Here you can watch How to Buy a Domain Name from Dynadot, Verify Account and Whois Records, Where-How to Change the NameServers, How to Unlock/Lock your Account)

 First things first, let’s make some statements:
 If you want to “cheat” the Domain Registrars, to only benefit from their discounted TLD,
top level domain prices…… you can’t.
Why ? Because you must sent your Personal Data to register and pay for domain name or hosting account
and when you had accessed their site, their servers automatically stored your IP address.

They usually offer a Free Domain or Free First Year domain with their Hosting Plans or a
First Year Discounted Price to register a domain name, just to use them as your domain registrar
(Domain Price Comparison Table Here).

Some of them are selling also hosting plans or are only Domain Registrar and you need a Hosting provider
to use your domain. (Hosting Comparison Table Here)

It’s your choice if you want “to keep all eggs in a single basket” or choose different providers
for domain and hosting. If you want to register your domain at the best price read to the end…….

To new customers some providers or registrars offers coupons and or special prices during their initial term.
These are limited-time promotional prices that are available for new customers and are valid for the initial term only. Upon renewal, you will be billed at the regular rates, which are currently higher than advertised prices.
Below you’ll find Renewal price for every Registrar….

 Be AWARE ! and Keep your eyes open when you want to buy a domain name.
To benefit on their discounted services you must complies with their different rules:
-a 2 year plan (for their free first year),
-if are country based discounts, Plans or Payments-currency,
Renewal Price (how much you’ll pay after the discounted plan/price, on the second time period: month/year)
Domain Transfer Price (needed when you move your domain to or from another registrar)-Redemption/Restoration/Reactivation Expired-Deleted Domains Fee (if you forget to renew/pay
for your domain name before the expiring date) or you made an ‘out of term’ cancelation.
Free Services included on domain purchases for the first year AND their Renewal Costs for the second payment period (year, month). Some of them: Whois Privacy/Guard, SSL Certificate, etc.
-If the Price had the Sale Tax included or not (VAT for EU countries, depends on state/country sales tax systems) and other fees like annual ICANN fee.
– Some of these Free or Discounted Services (Hosting plans or Free Domains) had the Auto-Renew feature Activated. You can deactivate it from your Control Panel.
Below you’ll find some info about that….. keep reading!

We’ll try to be as accurate as we can and will Update all info every year, several times.  If you have/had Bad or Good experience with your domain registrar or hosting provider please drop us a line in Comments, to help each other.

Knowing the facts, Let’s start our journey with the first domain registrar….

1. NameCheap is One of the most used and known domain registrar for his low domain prices.
They Offer:
Domain: .us $0.88 first year than $10.69/yr, .com $ 10.69/yr for 1 year; 2 year plan = $10.59/yr, 3years=$10.49/yr, 5years=$10.29/yr
+ICANN fee $0.18/yr, WhoisGuard $ 2.88/yr- FREE first year for using their DNS (Not Custom DNS- other hosting), +$1.99 PositiveComodoSSL Certificate for the first year, Redemption=$210.69/2year
Value: First year $9.88/year than 38.88/year for annual plans: 3 websites, 20 GB SSD Storage,
Unlimited bandwidth
Professional: up to 10 website (domains), 50GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth $19.88/year
than $78.88/year for annual plan
Ultimate: $29.88/year than $129.88/year for annual plan. 50 websites
All Servers based on US or UK Datacenters.

2. GoDaddy One of the most used as domain registrar (VAT Not included on advertised Prices!)
Domain .com = £ 0.99/first year, £10.99 for second (2 year plan) than £10.99 /year.
SSL £48.99/year or 1 Year FREE with Ultimate Hosting Plan
Hosting Deluxe:   £4.49/month than £6.99/month *without 20% VAT (it will be billed for EU),
1 year Free Domain included for annual plan. Unlimited: sites, storage, bandwidth, 1GB DataBase
Storage MySql Linux

3. iPage used as Domain and Hosting Provider
Domain: .com   $ 14.99/year, Free first year (2 year plan)
Discounted prices are only for the first term of service and automatically renew at the regular rate.
Note: if you register a free domain through IPage and wish to cancel your account, there is
non–refundable $15 domain fee if you would like to keep your domain.
Hosting: $1.99 first month than, Renewal $10.95/month for annual plan: Unlimited Domains,
Storage, Bandwidth, MySql Databases
Marketing Tools with every Hosting Account: $100 Google Adwords offer, $100 Bing credit,
Free listing, Site Analytics Suite
Domain .com $14.99/year, Renewal = $14.99/year, Free Domain Transfer for any 1-2 year Hosting Plans. FREE Domain for FIRST YEAR with Purchase of any 1-2 year Business Plan at regular price (not promo!). Available TLD .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, or .info.   Domain Privacy $9.99/year (Whois guard/privacy)
Hosting on SSD Storage Drive with Unlimited Disk space, unlimited email accounts+email storage, 1 Free Domain Registration and Transfer, $250 Free Advertising credits for every Business Plan:
Launch: 2 websites, Unlimited Bandwidth, 2 MySql & PostGree Sql Database, 6 Parked domains, 25 Subdomains for $5.99/month than $7.99/month
Power: 6 websites, Unlimited Bandwidth, 50 MySql & PostGree Sql Database, 26 Parked domains, 100 Subdomains for $5.99/month than $9.99/month
PRO: Unlimited ALL $8.99/month than $15.99/month

5. Free Domain with every Hosting Plan
Basic: First month $3.95/month, Renewal $7.99/month for annual plan;1 Domain free, 1 site, Unlimited Bandwidth, 50GB Disk Space, 5 email addresses, 5 parked domain
Plus: First month $5.95/month, Renewal $10.99/month for annual plan; 1 Domain free, unlimited sites, Bandwidth, Disk Space
Prime: First month $5.95/month, Renewal $14.99/month for annual plan; 1 Domain free, Unlimited: Sites, Bandwidth, Disk Space

6. They are reseller for eNom and Launchpad
Domain Registration Price $12.95/year, first year for new clients. (VAT for EU countries NOT included!)
Auto-Renew feature activated on purchased item (you can disable it!). Renewal price at regular price 
Domain Transfer from $ 7.95 Domain registered through eNom or Launchpad
Baby plan Price $7.95/month without VAT (for EU clients) for 36 months plan
1-6 months plan $13.95/month, 1 year plan for $9.95/month, 2 year plan for $8.95/month
Customers who are using 25% or more of system resources for longer than 90 seconds would be in violation of their Terms of Service! Please check the TOS or contact them you have any questions.

Domain +ICANN fee included: .com Registration Price $12.99/yr, Renewal $12.99/yr, Transfer $8.25, Redemption/Reactivate expired domain/Restoration Fee $120
WhoisGuard/Privacy: $ 4.99/yr included for the first year
Hosting Plan: NameBuilder up to 25 sites, 100 GB Storage, 1000GB Bandwidth, 50 MySql DB. Registration Price $7.99/yr first year than $10.99 or….$10.99 than $14.99 Read more here.

Domain  .com Registration= $ 9.99 /year Renewal 11.49/year
Hosting Deluxe plan: Discounted Reg. Price $6.75/month for annual plan. Unlimited Space, Bandwidth, Domain, subdomains, 25 MySql DB, 25 FTP accounts (for 1,2,3 year $81,$162,$243)
Regular rates for the Deluxe Plan are:
36-month term: $10.95/month (billed $394.20 for 3 years)
24-month term: $11.95/month (billed $286.80 for 2 years)
12-month term: $12.95/month (billed $155.40 for 1 year)

Domain:   .com Registration $12.99/year, Renewal $14.99/year, Transfer $10.99, Free included Whois Privacy on supported domain. You can Pay less with more domains. The more domains you have in your Hover account, the less you pay for renewals. Savings start at 10 domains and they go up from there.

10.  We love Dynadot for their Support and Low Price Plans. All prices are visible, for all  available TLD, all fee…. exposed. We like that !
ICANN fee included on advertised domain price.
Domain .com Registration Price $10.99/year, for 3 years $32.97, for 5 years $54.95 , for 10 years plan $109.90
Euro payments: Reg Price euro11/year, euro 33/3 years, euro 110 / 10 years
Renewal Price .com $10.99/year
Domain Transfer to other Registrant $0.00, Domain Transfer from other Registrant $10.99,
Domain Restore (Expired/Deleted domain) .com $69.99
Domain Security  All accounts come with two factor authentication at no extra cost. When you sign up for your Dynadot account, they require you to choose username and password (typical on many websites) and a “birthday” date as an extra security. The “birthday” should be a date but not necessarily your birthday; useful to unlock your account. It is important to store all your registration details on a Notepad or Word file for later use.
Domain Privacy Your personal information are protected, all replaced with Dynadot’s domain privacy contact information. They forward any correspondence to you, but only after they filter out any spam or junk mail.
Domain Privacy $3.00/year, for one domain name.
Accepted Payments: Paypal, Check, Credit card, Skrill (Moneybooker) and more…

11. Gandi    France Domain registrar.
Based on selected language for the site you’ll see currency of domain prices.
Domain .com Registration price is € $12.54/year or € $14.67 incl. tax  for France residents.
Whois Privacy included for compatible TLDs (com, net, org, etc. Domains like .us do not allow private registration).
Renewal price € $13.00/year, Domain Transfer € $ 9.54, Domain Restore/Reactivate/Redemption € $100, Change of owner € $6.00.
Prices for Non-EU residents and EU companies (outside of France) with an intra-community VAT number will not be charged VAT. The Current VAT rate for France is 20%.

Free Domain Name” valid for 1 domain, a single one-year domain name registration. The service will automatically renew until feature is cancelled. Current renewal price is $38.00/year, one of the highest renewal rate on the existing Domain registrar services.
Hosting Plans: Essential, Premium , Professional
Prices/monthly plan $5.95 – $7.95 – $9.95
1 year Free Domain        1-1-1
Disk Space      300GB-500GB-Unlimited
Bandwidth       UNL-UNL-Unlimited
Pointed Domain 100-100-100
Email boxes (addresses) 100-500-1000
Email storage 5 GB – 25GB – 50 GB
email aliases   3-3-4
Autoresponders for every email account 1-1-1
FTP Accounts 25-50-UNL
MySql DataBase 25 (300 MB) – 50 (300MB)-UNL

13. EHost 
Hosting Plan: €100 Yahoo / Bing Credit, + Free Domain Name with every hosting plan,
Unlimited domain, Unlimited MySqlDB, Unmetered Bandwidth, Unmetered Storage Disk Space,
Free email, Free Autoresponder, Free Stats.
First term prices $2.75/month than $5.50/month (for 36 months plan)
*VAT (Value Added Tax) is not included in advertised price on the site and will be charged separately
on invoices and billing information. Standard VAT rates based on EU Member State regulations may apply.
To new customers eHost offers coupons and special offers to customers during their initial term.
Upon renewal, you will be billed at the regular rates, which are currently, €5.98/month for 3-year terms, €7.98/month for 2-year terms, €9.98/month for 1-year terms, and €13.98/month for monthly terms.
About Your Domain: For the FREE Domain registered through eHost, the renewal costs it will be covered in your hosting subscription for the life of your hosting account. IF you choose to cancel your account, there is a non-refundable €15 domain fee if you would like to keep your domain.

14. A 2 Hosting
Domain price ?
Hosting Plans: (Shared Hosting)    LITE – SWIFT – TURBO
Promo price/month for annual plan  $3.92 – $4.90 – $9.31
Regular price/month for annual plan $7.99 – $9.99 – $18.99
SSD Storage for All, Free SSL Certificate for All
Free Site Migration/Transfer for any Hosting plan
Addon Domain 0 – UNL – UNL
Parked Domain 25 – UNL – UNL
Subdomains 5 – UNL – UNL
Websites 1 – UNL – UNL
Data Bases 5 – UNL – UNL (MySql &PostgreSql)
Email 25 – UNL – UNL
A2 Hosting averaged 5 / 5 in 7602 reviews.
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate It may sound too good to be true, but Let’s Encrypt is a Certificate Authority providing you with free SSL Certificates for your domain. When you choose A2 Hosting, your Let’s Encrypt Certificate is added to your domain automatically absolutely free. Best of all, Let’s Encrypt is just as secure as paid SSL alternatives.

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